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Terms & Policy

Note To Campers: Points To Remember

Welcome Guests!

  • In case of an emergency please meet in front of the laundry on the grass.
  • This is a USER CLEAN CAMP. You use it, clean it. Leave it as clean as when you arrived.
  • Your group will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the camp during your stay. This cleaning includes accommodation, bathrooms, meals areas, amenities, equipment, Old Log Cabin building and contents, and the grounds. Also includes laundry room or Rosella Cottage if they are used.
  • CLEANING KITS and mops are in the laundry room. Leave it as you find it!
  • Replace all LINERS TO EVERY BIN and BASKET this includes not only the Cabins and Hall but also showers, toilets, the Old Log Cabin and grounds.
  • Log Cabin operates a septic system. Do not put foreign matter down the toilets.
  • Do not discard your trash on the grounds, use the bins provided.
  • Please take all your rubbish with you.
  • A $35.00 fee per hour will be charged if we have to clean up after you.
  • No wet or muddy shoes on carpet or a $550.00 fee will be charged.
  • No food or drinks except water are allowed in the bunk rooms.
  • DO NOT remove any of the cleaning equipment from any of the rooms, hall or washroom blocks!!
  • Outside brooms are outside of the Hall entrance.
  • Keep washroom doors CLOSED at all times or snakes and spiders will crawl in.

Venomous Animals

Snakes, spiders, stinging ants and other animals may be encountered at The Log Cabin. All Visitors are advised to wear footwear and to remain vigilant at all times.


in consideration of our neighbours and other users, we request that noise be kept to a minimum before 7:00 am and after 10:30pm at night.

Young people should be supervised by responsible adults at all times. No YOUTH OR CHILDREN allowed in the Old Log Cabin without adults present at all times!


PLEASE LIMIT SHOWERS TO 3 MINUTES. Please use hand towels provided at the washroom sinks. DO NOT use toilet paper!

DO NOT collect fire wood from the forest as this is a nature reserve.

Smoking Area

Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area which is located outside the front gate. Tins provided for cigarette butts. No alcohol, no drugs are permitted on the premises.

No chewing gum. Candles or incense- not permitted in cabins under any circumstances. Not to be used on-site without prior approval from management.

Breakages / Damages

Please report any breakages or damage to management. Property damage will be charged for ANY damage to furniture, windows, cleaning equipment etc.


LOCKING PINS are attached to tables and they must be used or the tables will fall over. Keys for each room are available for a $10.00 deposit or $50.00 for group leader to hold all the keys.

If you lock your bunk room by mistake come and see us for a key to unlock, don’t break in. In an emergency situation, Phone Dave on 0457844777


Please conserve electricity and turn off lights (including spotlights) when not in use. Wear sturdy shoes when entering the jungle as stinging tree leaves are active even when dead and dried.

Note To Cooks: Points To Remember

  • Compost is at the back of the Hall. Vegetable items only!
  • DO NOT force the TOASTER timer to OFF position or you will destroy it with a $150.00 repair fee.
  • Instruction on lighting the stoves are posted beside them.  Make sure you clean the stoves before you leave.
  • Cooks ensuite is to be used ONLY by the Cooks.

Washing Machines / Dryers

These are provided for your use at no additional charge, you are advised to bring some washing powder with you if you wish to use these machines. Damp Tea Towels can be washed and dried in the Laundry – see Margaret. Laundry is closed on Saturdays.

Be sure to clean out Microwaves and inside the refrigerators and freezers before you leave. Close shutter door over the serving area.


Have a great stay!


David & Margaret.
As Volunteer  Caretakers

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